Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's a double fine world to be in!

Hey folks!

Official APE update!

I'm going to be signing and selling books at the freshly formed Doublefine Productions and Hickee table at APE! Woo hoo! Mr. Tim Schafer's fine, fine, video game company also employs some of Hickee's finest artists and so it seemed a natural fit for the convention this year.

I'm working away on my new mini "Grey Bear" and if everything goes as planned I'll be bringing a bunch to the show! I'm really excited for this year's event! Most of the Hickee fellas are planning on bringing new minis as well.

Good times for all I foresee.


Otter said...

So how do the rest of us lowly mortals get these minis? :-)

grickleguy said...

ummm...well hopefully they will be carried by the likes of Global Hobo ( PoopSheet (

Those would be your best bet! Provided of course I get the darn thing done in time for APE!