Monday, October 16, 2006

10 days until Stumptown in Portland!

Hang onto yer socks!

It's getting really, really, close to Stumptown Comics Fest time! Can you believe it? I can't! I've still got tons to do to get ready for it!

Stumptown starts on Friday evening, Oct. 27 and continues on until Saturday,Oct. 28. And it'll take place here, the Oregon Convention Center.

It's looking very good that I'll have brand NEW comic story out for the show! It'll be featured in the excellent anthology "PaperCutter #3" by Tugboat Press. It'll even sport a cover by yours truly. Along with that debut I'm going to be selling the latest Hickee comics, as well as all the Grickle books, and Stickleback. Some original art will be for sale and a mish mash of free postcards and stickers too!

The rest of the Hickee crew will also be there with an assortment of items. Such as Raz's mini, Doublefine merch and more minis from Scott, myself, Joe and Nathan!

and wait ...there's more!!

I've got a bunch of my animated shorts being shown at Zoey Trope's Cartoon Cavalcade on Saturday, Oct. 28, at 7pm. Located at the historic Hollywood Theater in Portland. Definitely go and see the funny picture shows after the convention!

Plus I still have a piece up at Pushdot Studio as part of their "One Shot gallery show."

Whew! Okay then, I think that's all I've got for now! Just try and relax and prepare yourself for an amazing weekend of comic craziness in Portland!

(whoa. Waaaaay too many links in this post eh.)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I wish you really had that giant red Grickle banner.
Wait, do you?

grickleguy said...

Sadly, no.

But hmmm... perhaps I'll look into that for future events.