Sunday, March 04, 2007

So there's a lot going on...

...and a lot that's going to be happening in the coming months in the world of Grickle and Hickee things. Plenty of art shows, new comics, and other stuff to announce. I'll try and keep everyone posted on the various events and happenings right here on this blog.

First up is APE 2007! I'll be there with the Hickee gang selling comics, maybe some new shirts, little paintings, and who knows? Perhaps a new mini comic too. For a taste of APE-like things to come, here's a little painting I've titled "Space Sadness" that will be in an art show in San Francisco on that weekend (April 21-22.)

...more details to follow.


Anonymous said...

G - I LOVE that painting.

You always manage to fill your work with such emotion...this is no exception.

/stacey you got girl in dere?

Joe White said...

that's Great Graham!