Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hickee#4 is gonna hit stores on Jan.2nd, 2008!

The new issue is chock full of crime stories by yours truly, Scott Campbell, Joe White, Vamberto Maduro, and Nathan Stapley! Be forewarned though that some of the material is a little 'brash'. Here's a sample page from my story:

And here's the awesome cover by Nathan Stapley:

Go forth and buy your copy in the New Year!!!


Vadim said...

Hey man great blog. Your short films are awesome.

spleenal said...

aw cool! i'm gonna go get it now.
your stuff always makes me laugh

Anonymous said...


is very funny!!! hehehehe!!!!

Unknown said...

Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina... where can I find one copy of Hickee?!?!!