Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scott C and Graham at Stumptown this weekend!

Hey everyone!

Scott Campbell and I will be working our table at the Stumptown Comics Festival this weekend in Portland, Oregon! You really should come by and check out the crazy stuff we'll have there. I'm going to bring some new little paintings, along with tons of comics, original art, stickers, shirts and things. Scott will be selling his wicked prints and a slew of other goodies too! Don't miss out!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for drawing some splendid little madmen (as in stimulated by catastrophe into a frantic state) in my little blue doodle pad. I can't wait to see that stop-motion project that you were talking about working on over at Lakai. well enjoy your day, as well as the x amount of time until I am able to insist that you have a good day once again!