Monday, October 06, 2008

Best American Comics 2008!

I've got a story that was selected by Lynda Barry for this year's "Best American Comics." I'm very honored to be in such fine company! The book is now out and available! Go get yourself a copy!


enb said...

Congratulations- you deserve it though Graham- such a prolific body of work you have-
all the best to you and Family-

grickleguy said...

Jeez, thanks Ian!

I hope you're taking good care of Campbell and Bagel in NY. I'm very curious to hear how they weather their first real 'winter' eh. :)

Dan S. said...

Greatly enjoyed the comic in BAC2008. Excellent plotting. One of my three favorites from the issue along with Eleanor Davis' and Cathy Malkasian's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham,

I bought the book and your work was the first featured comic strip. I loved it so much that I searched the internet for more of your work. I also watched some of your youtube animations. Let me say that I am now a big fan of your work!!!! Love those ping pong eyes!

I also have my own webcomic, check it out when you have some free time!

Keep up the great work!

All the best,