Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday gifts of Grickle! Ninja prints and Art books!

Tis' almost the season of holidaying. And there are some Grickle items you can put under, around, or near your tree! Check it out!

This amazing ninja print is now available from the Nucleus Gallery. Go right here.

And in addition, this fancy-pants art book of the Great Great Grandshow that would look stunning on any holiday coffee table, is also available. Go right here.

Enjoy your holidaying!


RAWLS said...

You can never go wrong with ninjas!! Super great pic my friend.

On a side note, I chose to play along with this tagging thing that's going around and 'Tagged' you.
Check my blog for the rules.

Joe White said...

So Good! One of your best Paintings Graham!

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham!

I see you work in Flight and i really love it!
I will be reading you blog now.


take care!

enb said...

funny take on what ninja do when theyre off the clock!
happy holidays-

Anonymous said...

Your art continues to tickle me. ha. great great.

Anonymous said...

This painting is really amazing.
It is one of my favorite print.