Monday, February 02, 2009

Coraline is in theatres this Friday, Feb. 6th!!!

It's finally here! After spending nearly three years of working on the storyboards I'm very happy to say that Coraline will hit a theatre near you this Friday! I'm extremely proud of having been a part of this production and I urge everyone and anyone to go and see the movie!


Anonymous said...

cool, what exactly did you do on the production?

can't wait to see the movie!

grickleguy said...

Hi Dominus,

I was part of the story team for Coraline. Drawing up the visuals from the written script.

Mr. Herring said...

Nice! I have read the book few years ago, and it was nice too. I' m not a biggest fan of Gaiman in the world but I do agree, that he has awesome imagination.

3 years!? Jeeeez. I hope, the movie is worth this amount of time. I' m waiting for a Polish premiere then. Good job, Graham!

BLAMMO The Art of Jason Groh said...

Looks fantastic!
So glad you are doing well and so proud of an old college pal doing great things.

Jason .

Anonymous said...

very, very, excited. I've hyped this up on my own blog quite a few times.

Matt Johnsen said...

Jesus, Graham - you're just too fucking cool. I had a mild interest in this movie before, but now I'll definitely go see it.

PS: Don't tell Raz I stole Metal Lord for my avatar.

il decu said...

Graham, you can't understand how much I love your work.
Thank you for all.

stephen said...

I've been a grickle devotee for about a year now and was only halfway interested in seeing "Coraline". Since you were on the story team, though, I know I have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

jesus dude!

i read coraline book a few years ago and i like it a lot!
Is the movie who anyone would like to participate!


see ya!

Unknown said...

gonna go see it tomorrow. oh so excited.

Coraline is a great story and I like the little featurettes that your studio put up about the different sculptors and riggers and knitters and such. I really hope that Laika gets to keep making movies like this.

littlebird said...

we went to see coraline over in marin, in 3-D with the polarized glasses. it was a family outing and we had a grand time. even my uncle - who is quite particular - came out of the theater in a cheery and chatty mood (he said the parts that were scary were really scary)! the stop animation was amazing. congratulations to you and all the dedicated staff at Laika. we were so proud to see your name scroll in the credits!

thanks for being our pals. all the best to you and your family,
thien and lark

D! said...

I just saw this movie and was completely blown away. I was super excited to see that you did storyboards for it. Fantastic job, you should be proud!

James Chiang said...

congratulations Graham, film was great...really nice job!