Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coraline storyboard stuff.

A lot of folks have been asking to see the storyboard work I did on Coraline so I thought I'd post a few items. Here's a smattering of art I created for the "Chocolate Beetles" sequence. You can see some amazing design work that Chris Turnham did for this particular set as well.
Coraline is now the second highest grossing Stop-Motion film in history! Pretty cool.


Anson Jew said...

Nice work, Graham! That was a standout sequence in an awesome movie! I'd love to see more Coraline boards--perhaps on the DVD?

Fingers crossed.

spleenal said...

oo yeah on studio ghibli dvds you can use the angle button on your remote to filp back and forth between the film and the story board.

It's very nice.

Patrick Kenney said...

Really neat to see some story boards. Great work!

Paco said...

Great film! Saw it few weeks ago in 3D at the animation festival in Stuttgart. Cool to see you did boards on the film. Big fan of your work.