Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foggy LOST doodles from TwitPic.

A couple of weeks ago, verabee and I did "Foggy memories of LOST" drawings in anticipation of the final season premiere. I've just archived them all onto Flickr now. Check 'em out if you haven't seen them.


Amanda said...

Those are all awesome 8)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw your Lost doodles on Flckr, I really like them all!

Are you going to do some more?

Pag said...

wow! I saw these somewhere else and didn't realize you made it. super awesome:)plox

Seo Kim said...


You have been selected as a winner of the Kreative Blogger Award!

See my blog for more info - you may follow up if you wish but you don't have to.

spleenal said...

Brilliant stuff.

that one with Locke trapped under the door made me want to watch the lost animated series!