Friday, March 26, 2010

The Book of Grickle is OUT!

The Book of Grickle has shipped! There's been a bunch of press for it as well, all available in the links below. I'll post more as further press and reviews become available!

Radio interviews


Online interviews

The Daily Crosshatch Part 1 of 4
The Daily Crosshatch Part 2 of 4
The Daily Crosshatch Part 3 of 4
(4th part hasn't been posted yet)

ComicBookResources Interview- What's a Grickle?

Oh! And order your copy today!


Chris Wolfe said...

just got back from my local comic book shop and man, the book is awesome.

my favorite piece is the wombat and the dog story. Great work I'm gonna pic up the other books from amazon.

- Chris

grickleguy said...

Thanks Chris! Glad you liked it!

Unfurled said...

How exciting is THIS? I'm so excited! Going to try to track it down in this country, if not wait to get it in that one. Congrats!

Amber Gail said...

I just bought it from you today - I've read it, I like it!! Hope I have time to read it again tomorrow...:)