Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Hidden People comic is AVAILABLE!

Just in time for Halloween! Read through 16 pages of pure Hidden People horror if you dare! Order a signed copy at the Grickle store today!

Hurry though! I've only got a limited number available for folks.


Tjibbbe said...

Wooh, my first purchase from the Grickle store! Any idea when you're going to ship the comics? I'm all the way in the Netherlands, so I guess I'll receive it after Halloween (which we don't celebrate anyway, so no biggie).

Grickle Fan said...

I wasn't given the opportunity to put a shipping address in for my purchase. How will I get my copy?

Jeff Call said...

Ordered it! I'm so excited to get it!

Chris Wolfe said...


I received my 2 Hidden People books in the mail today.

Very awesome story. Keep'em comin!!!

By the way would be awesome if you could make it to Los Angeles for the Designer convention they have in Pasadena. I missed you this past Comic Con, My cousin and I are huge fans! thanks for that lil drawing on the receipt!!! you ROCK!

Grickle Fan said...

Thanks for working out my shipping confusion. It is now safely in my hands--to be read Halloween night.

Tonurics said...

Thanks Graham!

Got my book in the mail today.

I first learned of you via Telltale, but strangely enough it turns out you've been labouring unbeknownst on many of my favourite childhood [and adulthood] games: Afterlife, Curse of Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, etc.

I even found about your involvement with Laika retroactively, after adding Coraline to my movie collection (one of the few "kid" movies to make it in).

You've given me (and many others no doubt) countless hours of entertainment; I just want to say thanks!

I love the stark reality you've created in Grickle. I would definitely like to check out your other work, any chance some of your older comics (like Hickee) will show up in the store sometime?

Chris Wolfe said...

You can find those books here www.atomicbooks.com.

Anonymous said...

Oh no... Sold out? D:
You must change that.