Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This blog.

Jeez, I haven't been doing a great job, as of late, keeping this blog relevant. Between the Twitter and Facebook accounts, by the time I get around to here all the info seems overly redundant to bother posting.

I'm going to make an effort, right here and now, to give this blog a more blog-like feel. It'll still have posts of stuff I'm doing and selling and whatever, but the updates will hopefully be more off the cuff and less just repeating what was in Twitter and Facebook.

So ...uhhh.. hmm. Okay, off the cuff. Here goes... well first off I've been doing a few Game of Thrones doodles and hoping to do more as ideas and time allow. I'm reading the third book, Storm of Swords, and enjoying every bit of it. Probably the most addictive reading I've experienced since the Harry Potter series or catching up on all the Sherlock Holmes stories I'd missed.

I've got a couple of illustration pieces I need to get cracking on for two different art shows this summer, one in LA at Qpop and another at Galerie Daniel Maghen in Paris, France. Excited to contribute to both shows. I'll be posting more on those as I actually complete the art.

I've been doing a steady stream of work for SpongeBob Squarepants Comics as well. If you ever get a chance you should pick up an issue. I always find this fellow's video reviews very pleasant. I think Chris Duffy has done an outstanding job, as usual, of collecting a ton of talent to work on the books.

Alright, well that should suffice for my first stab at giving a more substantial and relevant post on this much neglected blog. Stay tuned for more!

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en_b said...

Awesome Graham.
You totally have my ear.
And eyes.
Looking forward to it.