Sunday, October 07, 2012


Well, the fall has arrived and that means Halloween isn't too far off. I've come to accept that one of my all time favourite things to draw is skulls. This could very well be a left over remnant of my teenage years spent  redrawing  "Eddie" from Iron Maiden album covers, but whatever the source the desire has never left. So I'm kicking off October by attempting to draw as much skull related art as my schedule allows. First up is "the Purple skull of gladness", soon to be followed by more I hope.
I watched "Dead Alive" for the first time the other night and I cannot fathom how I'd managed to miss this movie before! A lot of excellent similarities to "Evil Dead 2", which is hard to come by, in my opinion.

Just a quick post for now. I'll plan to update more as the month progresses!

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