Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Grickle Shop is OPEN today!

As mentioned previously there's a brand new Grickle Shop open for business today! There's a bunch of things I've never made available before! Stuff like MUGS! Grickle mugs! And debuting is "The Smartest Dog in the World" shirt! Available in yummy cranberry or olive colors!
I'll be adding new designs incrementally over the next few months! Keep an eye out!

I should also mention that I'm likely going to shut down the Grickle Store very soon. So if there are any prints, items, you were thinking of getting on there I'd do it soon! I've loved running my own store over the years but I'll be honest, the extra time and energy it takes to keep on top of orders has taken it's toll. I'm very happy to hand over the managerial reigns to Stash Riot and the new Grickle Shop.

On to a new era of Grickle items to fawn over!

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