Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's that time again!

Hello, everyone!

Yes, it's that time again. That time of the year when I write a brand new blog post to say "Wow! It's sure been a long time since I last posted here!" And then I usually follow that up with something like "I am FINALLY going to get back on track and try and post more regularly!"

Well, guess what? I'm NEVER going to be back on track as far as I can tell. And so I'm not going to make any promises that I'll continue to update this blog regularly. Who even blogs regularly anymore anyway, right? There certainly doesn't seem to be much peer pressure out there to keep this thing up.

So, no promises. But all that said, I honestly may come back and try and update again. Or I may not.

Here's a doodle.
Dog and a hat. With a cane.

Not my best work but it's all I got right now.

It's been over half a year since the Boxtrolls came out and I feel like my brain is just beginning to normalize. Been listening to a lot of podcasts again and loving it.  Mostly catching up on various Mark Maron and discovered the world of Harmontown. Which has me curious to maybe watch Community? I know, I'm about 5 years behind the curve. But I've always been.

What else? Witnessed the BlackHawks win their 3rd Stanley Cup in 6 years. I'd have much preferred to watch the Habs skating around with the Cup but it was still satisfying to watch Chicago get it again. Such a stellar team. It's almost unfair.

In Grickle news, which I suppose is the main purpose of this blog, I'm working on a lot of behind the curtain stuff that hopefully I'll be able to talk about in the upcoming year. Pretty excited about it. That will definitely constitute more blog posts if I have legitimate news to toot my horn about! Bare minimum I'll be tweeting stuff for sure.

Hey, I have no idea if anybody still checks this blog. But if you do I'd love to hear any recommendations folks have on other good podcasts to listen to! My brain is starving for new material!

And with that I bid you adieu! For now. :)



Norman Rafferty said...

I'm not sure what you listen to, but ..

"The History of Rome" podcast, by Mike Duncan:
I'm a sucker for history, and his dry wit makes these a joy to listen to.

"I Don't Even Own a Television"
Deconstructions of bad books, from all time periods and genres.

Thank again for Puzzle Agent!

ChrisTopher Polack said...

Hey, I follow the blog! As for blogging, I found Austin Kleon's book 'Show Your Work' very helpful.

If you're REALLY interested in trying to blog without revealing, This post by Robin Sloan is popular:The Art of Working in Public Work in public. Reveal nothing

As for podcasts, you're in a great spot with Marc Maron and Harmontown.
If you like interviews, check out the Nerdist Podcast.
If you like Marc Maron's rants, Check out the podcasts of Greg Proops and Bill Burr.

Good work. Keep at it.

Dennis said...

I still read the blog, but admittedly only because my Feedly account never forgets to check. It's nice to see an update :)

I just recently discovered the Lore Podcast, have you heard of it? Spooky real life tales with a mix of interesting historical context and philosophical musings on our fears.

grickleguy said...

Hey! Thank you all for the recommendations! It's so nice to get a solid affirmation that people do still read this blog AND are willing to share out some excellent links to stuff I'm unaware of, but should have in my life!

Just read over the snarkmarket link and enjoyed it! Gets my brain buzzing to write further blog entries here! (Thanks Topher!)

I'm intrigued by all the podcasts mentioned as well. Looking at the Rome one, friends at work were trying to steer me towards "Hardcore History"? Anyone checked that out yet?
Man, the Lore Podcast scares me but I think I'm gonna have to try it!

Anyway, thanks again, everyone! :)

Chuck said...

I love all your work.... have Nosferatu ditches the ship hanging on my wall of fame at home. I have your blog attached to my feedly profile so that I don't miss anything. I hope you keep posting here, and look forward to any news.


P.S. Still cheezed I missed the Yellow Grickle channel T-shirt as I am giant Grickle/Shining fan. ;-)

grickleguy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Chuck!

I'm actually looking into what options Teespring has for 'relaunching' shirt designs. You're not the first to express dismay over missing out on some past Grickle shirts.

I'll keep everyone posted if I get it figured out.

Chuck said...

Got the email for the re-launch! Unfortunately it looks like women styled T-shirts only....

grickleguy said...

Hi Chez!

Yes, I'm trying to sort that out with Teespring right now. Waiting for a reply from them. I'm hopeful that I'll get the shirt offered in Men's yellow again!

Andreas Schuster said...

This might be obvious and boring but:

is a great podcast about the last week in media

Best interview podcast after WTF

about all the fun things we THINK we know but actually lie to ourselves.
Things were our perception lies to us or were we are way too confident etc..

(great book too)